Cleaning Advice for the Best Electric Smoker

Having the best electric smoker has its benefits. Apart from the ease of use and low cost of using an electric option instead of propane, there is the benefit of convenience. But it requires maintenance to keep it at an optimum performance and enjoy your smoker for a long time. Keeping debris and particles on the machine can lead to complications if not taken care of. Below are good tips to help you maintain your electric smoker to give you the best service for your money.

Proper cleaning method for the smoker

The most vital area of the smoker you need to maintain is the interior chamber. Cleaning this area requires a dry soft towel because you want to make sure it remains dry and free of moist. You have to make sure you don’t ruin circuit or burn out. Make use of soap and warm water to clean effectively, and then allow it to dry properly before use. You can take out the debris using a bristle brush or a soft cloth. But don’t use aluminum as it may damage the surface. Once you have completely removed the hard debris, wipe down and allow it to dry naturally and completely before the next use. This way, you will keep it neat and tidy.

Cleaning the exterior

Use water solution and a slightly damp clot to clean the exterior section of the electric smoker. Wipe the grill’s surface just as you did with the interior area to prevent rust. The Exterior section is more prone to rust than other parts because of the metal substance used in the design of most electric smokers. So, make sure the surface is completely dry before making use of it.

But your cleaning will take another dimension if you have a smoker designed with a window or glass at the front. You need to be more careful here because this area is more fragile. Most electric smokers usually come with a manual where there are approved cleaners you can use on the surface. If you can’t lay your hand on one, you can still use the soft cloth, but this time you have to be more careful to avoid scratching it or leaving some patches on the surface. Clean the grill’s exterior and dry effectively to prevent the formation of dry particles or rust.

Once you have cleaned and dried the grates and another detachable part of the grill, apply spray or vegetable oil on the racks and smoother rub before placing them back on the smoker.  Applying oil on the surface will prevent rust and help shield off debris and particles that could have easily found their way on the grates.

Cleaning the thermostat

Some people do not pay attention to the thermostat because they feel it doesn’t require cleaning. On the contrary, every part of your electric smoker needs to be cleaned properly. Otherwise, you will invite rust on that area. Once the section starts getting rusty, it may be difficult to keep it off.

Grease and soot can easily build up in this area over a period of time. The interior and exterior knobs need to be wiped clean after making use of the electric smoker.  Keeping this area unchecked can quickly lead to deterioration in the long run. So, the thermostat is equally as important as any other area of the smoker when it comes to maintenance.

When cleaning the thermostat and surrounding areas, you either use a dry towel to dry off the moisture or allow them to dry naturally. This will depend on how quickly you need to use the smoker. But if you are not going to need it soon, allowing them to dry naturally will be the best option. Some knobs are detachable. If you have a removable one, it will be more ideal to take out the knob and clean deeply to remove any debris that sticks under the knob.

Things to avoid when cleaning the electric smoker

Your electric smoker is not as strong as a propane smoker. So, you need to properly select the right cleaning agents.

If possible, look at the manual and use the recommended cleaning agents for the smoker. Remember to keep it completely dry before the next use to prevent any electrical situation.

Overall, there is no universal law regarding cleaning methods or cleaning frequency for your electric smoker. Just make sure you make use of the right cleaning agents and clean as often as you can to keep the smoker at its optimum performance to last longer for you. You can choose to use the simialr process if you have a griddle cooking system.