Ensuring your aging loved ones are able to consume diabetes-friendly snacks is a huge part of being in a position to manage diabetes. A friendly snack can aid in managing blood glucose. The snack an elderly person consumes should be based on four food group but carbohydrates should be the main focus.

Carbohydrate-rich foods make a large difference; this is because the amount of carbohydrate in a diabetes individual is very important. Managing carbohydrates plays an important role in the blood glucose level. This helps stabilize blood glucose level meaning aging personnel will be able to minimize the effect of the disease in his body.

Diabetes small snack should consist of about 15 grams of carbohydrate. This is an equal amount to the number of grams found in a small apple or one slice of bread. Sugary sweets, candy and chocolate bars has carbohydrate hence they are less nutritious.

What is Diabetes in elderly like?

Diabetes is caused by high levels of blood glucose which it’s due to pancreas unable to produce enough insulin which as a result is unable to control it. The most common type of diabetes is type 2 diabetes, this type of diabetes usually develop mostly to the elderly and the middle-aged.

In this case, the aging individuals have a hard time in comparison to the middle-aged. The main reason being that most of the middle-aged are in control of their diets while the elderly might not have the privilege.

Various ways friendly snacks help Diabetic patients

For an aging person with diabetes, snacks can be of great help for him or her to hold on to before the dinner is ready yet. Managing the blood sugar levels of a diabetic patient healthy snacks play a key role. The difference between one meal and another can cause glucose level fluctuating fast. The main purpose of a healthy, diabetes-friendly snack is normally to avoid sugar spike. This is able to give the patient the energy needed to keep him or her involved and active. The diabetic patient is advised to take a snack an hour and then with the main focus being on the snacks containing proteins.